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  • Kerry Potter


I LOVE Confetti shots at weddings! If your venue allows for confetti its always a fabulous shot to celebrate your day. It always worth a little planning though, you'll want a decent amount of it to make great shots. There is no point hoping guests will bring it!. I always suggest leaving a bag on your ceremony seats- that way people have to pick it up in order to sit down. Or you can give one of your wedding party the job og handing it out as poeple leave the ceremony room- this may take a while depedning on your wedding party size.

I like to make a Confetti tunnel, line up the guests either side and let newley weds walk down, a kiss in the middle always goes down a treat too and makes sure that your face can relax after the rain of the confetti in your face! I've swallowed some, its not great to eat haha! If you need any hints or further tips for your day gimme a shout!

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