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  • Kerry Potter

Getting Ready for Wedding Season 2024

As the new year begins, love blossoms in the air, and the anticipation for the upcoming wedding season fills our hearts with excitement. In the year to come, wedding celebrations are set to be more enchanting than ever, as we look forward to exploring new venues, meeting new wedding vendors, experimenting with innovative lighting techniques, and capturing timeless memories for the beautiful couples embarking on this extraordinary journey together.

New Venues, New Beginnings: One of the most thrilling aspects of the upcoming wedding season is the prospect of discovering new venues. This year i will get to finally shoot at The Alverbank Hotel, which has been on my radar for some time! I will also get to shoot at the beautifully quaint St Huberts Church in the stunning Idsworth. As wedding photographers, we are eager to weave our artistry into these unique settings, creating visual narratives that reflect the distinct personalities and love stories of each couple. Ill also be shoopting at some of more frequent venues this year such as SouthDowns Manor, Old Thorns Hotel, Langstone Quays Resort and Skylark Gold and Country Club (to name but a few!) and i cant wait to see all the teams there that make working alongside them such a joy!

The Promise of Connection: As we eagerly approach the wedding season, we are committed to forging deeper connections with the couples we have the privilege to work with. Understanding their stories, quirks, and dreams allows us to create an authentic visual narrative that resonates with their unique love story. In the coming months, we look forward to building relationships that extend beyond the camera lens, creating a collaborative and enjoyable experience for everyone involved. Its only then can we capture your True Love Story! Our Pre wedding and Engagement shoots will really give me an idea of how my couples are with each other and get them used to being photographed with me and my camera. Its a really good bonding experience for us all and also a great memory to cherish in the lead up to planning your wedding, because lets face it, times do get hard and stressful within the planning stages.

Im really looking forward to seeing all the chosen colour schemes for weddings 2024 and finer details that my couples put time and effort into planning for their special day. Here's to a season filled with enchanting venues, mesmerizing lighting, and everlasting memories that celebrate the enduring power of love. Cheers to the beautiful couples embarking on this extraordinary journey, and to the magic that awaits us all!

See you all in 2024! First stop, Southdowns Manor 24/01/24!

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