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Pre wedding shoots / Engagement shoots

Engagement shoots / Pre wedding shoots


I always love to meet up with my couples before their wedding day. Quite often I am booked 2 years /18 months in advance so we might not see each other for quite some time! I enjoy talking with you and hearing about your plans for the day and also this session is invaluable to find out what YOU are like as a COUPLE in front of the camera. Some couples are more comfortable than others but this session will leave anyone feeling at ease. I think in today's world where we are sooo used to taking Selfies, its hard to hand over the "power" of taking the photo to someone who essentially is a stranger! We laugh, we joke, is sometimes fall over and hit my head on a tree (LOL) but i can always reassure you, this is great practice for your BIG DAY.

Pre wedding shoot


For any of my couples with children, i always recommend bringing your kiddies with you. Not only is it a great opportunity to meet 'the camera lady!' but its a great way for me to make friends with them before the big day. By getting to know them a little, i can get the best smiles / natural shots from them on the day. I think from a mothers Point of view myself, its also invaluable to get some family photos together! Us mums are always taking the picture and its such a treat to get pics together as a family.

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