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  • Kerry Potter

Sunset Weddings! How to plan your perfect photos!

Ahhh, so you love dreamy sunsets do you? well, so do I!

over the years this type of shot can be specifically requested by my couples and what you really need to think about is how this look is achieved.

  1. You'll need to be prepared to wait for dusk, usually about 30 mins before the sun is due to set (i use my weather app to check the times). This will mean we will nip out from your reception and take some piccys. I tend to use Off Camera Flash to help make these images 'pop' but in addition to that, use the last remaining golden light for those super dreamy soft and cinematic style photos.

  2. Clouds are our friend! i often find the BEST sunsets are those with clouds, they tend to give us all those various colours across the skyline. Without them, we still get gorgeous colour, i just dont find it as dramatic.

  3. Use this time to steal a few stolen moments with your partner. You will find the wedding day passes so quickly that having some fresh air and alone time allows you to take the day in together and simply say, Wow, we are MARRIED!

  4. We need access to the skyline, so if your venue is coastal or on a hill, we are sure to get a good view of the sunset (usually!). I always tend to guide my couples what can be achieved by watching the skyline at their venue and advising where may be best.

  5. Have fun! do a romantic lead, or kiss! take a few different poses to work that sunset in all its glory!

Heres just a snippet of some Sunset photos, Enjoy!


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